Root canal treatments

Tooth decay or other trauma create open gates for bacteria to reach the inner part of the tooth. When nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth are damaged by bacterial contamination, the tooth, in most instances, becomes painful.

The goal of root canal procedures (endodontic treatments) is to save a painful tooth by removing pulp tissue comprised of nerves and blood vessels from canals inside the teeth. The canals are then cleaned, shaped and filled with a special material, and the tooth is restored, usually with a crown. Occasionally, the root tip must be removed surgically.

In most cases, using the dental operative microscope, this procedure can be performed in a single visit. In some instances, however, the procedure might require up to three visits.

Root canal procedure

From the time of his doctoral studies, Dr. Pizem has had a special interest in endodontics. Over the subsequent 20 years, he patiently developed this interest into solid experience in the more advanced field of micro-endodontics, an expertise that has enabled him to successfully perform even the most delicate root canal procedures. His great interest in endodontics has led him to launch a blog addressing technical aspects of root canal procedures on teeth that are very difficult to treat.


Dental root canal treatment