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With two top-rated dentists in Montreal, our Westmount and NDG dental clinics provide children and adults with high quality dentistry services in a modern, nurturing, and secure environment. We act in the best interests of our patients by following three core priorities:

1. Patients’ Oral Health

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The dentist informs with clarity and impartiality so patients may substantively understand the nature of their problem and better decide the appropriate dental treatment among the options they are offered.
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2. Top Dental Expertise

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Adding to their 30+ years of experience, our dentists work, as needed, with a network of excellent dental care specialists recognized by The Order of Dentists of Québec so we always apply the right expertise.
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3. Fine Micro-dentistry

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On pace with innovations in the dentist practice, we use advanced micro-dentistry technologies such as a Dental Operative Microscope (DOM) to deliver precision diagnostics and durable in-depth treatment.
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Dental Care Services

Root Canal (microscope-assisted)

Dental root canal procedureTooth decay or other trauma create open gates for bacteria to reach the inner part of the tooth. When nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth are damaged by bacterial… Learn more ›

Dental Implants (fixed prosthesis)

Fixed prosthesis on dental implantsIntegrating dental implants with the bone requires a latent period that can range from six to nine months. Afterwards, one or more teeth can be screwed into or cemented to the implants… Learn more ›

Teeth Whitening

Teeth WhiteningThis cosmetic approach makes your teeth a much brighter shade of white. Teeth whitening requires only one session at the dentist’s office. This technique may also be done at home over a… Learn more ›

Dental Crowns

Dental crownWhen a tooth is beyond repair, the dentist may recommend to replace it with a crown. In addition, dental crowns serve to protect teeth that are subject to fractures. Crowns are prepared in a… Learn more ›

Dental Bridges

Dental brigeThe bridge is a permanent dental restoration used to replace one or several missing teeth that is cemented to adjacent teeth or dental implants. This procedure may be completed in two visits… Learn more ›

Dentistry Essentials

General Dentistry MontrealOur dentistry essentials cover other common dental care procedures such as teeth cleaning, placement of braces, and cavities fillings as well as treatments of various gum-related diseases …Learn more ›

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« The first time I went to see Dr Pizem was a couple years ago. I was in so much pain and very scared. I’ve had pretty bad experiences with past dentists and didn’t know what to expect. I will NEVER go anywhere else. I have told everyone I know about him. Honestly he is BY FAR the best out there… »
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